Monday, September 1, 2008

Little boys - what was he thinking?

This may come a surprise to some but Sammy is a bit on the bold side. Poor Sparky the bull, he is separated from all his wives and now he has to contend with this youngster. All I can say is I'm very glad Sparky has raised many, many children of his own and he has the patience of a saint with them. He has let Sammy think he is intimidated by Sammy. These pictures don't show how very large Sparky is but trust me, he's big. But he's such a sweet guy. I do think he should not let Sammy get away with this.But he humors him and moves away.
He really could just flatten Sammy if he wanted. But I think Sparky thinks it would just be too much trouble. But now Sammy is under the impression he has the bull buffaloed!
Working cows is very thirsty work. That lower lip pout will work every time. How nice that Allison will share.
Anxiously awaiting.
Just what he needs, caffeine. At least it's Diet Mountain Dew.
And look how sweetly he asked for some more.
And how patiently he awaits the pouring.
Nothing like a cold drink on a hot muggy summer day. Thanks Allison!

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