Saturday, September 27, 2008

Dress up day

I don't know why I feel the need to play dress up with the horses, but I do.....occasionally. And Halloween is just around the corner and cute little costumey things are in the stores. Sammy might as well learn now it's gonna happen sooner or later, might as well accept it and get over it. It's very hard to know the right costume to get for your child. The little kitty ears don't show up very well and they look a bit like Mickey Mouse no, those won't do.
How about bunny ears? That's better, but Sammy is still not a believer. Maybe the grown ups can lead the way.

Ooops, it doesn't look like Spenser likes the bunny ears either. And what's up with the bow in his forelock.....much too prissy for him.
Now this is more like it. This really suits him and the color goes great with his black coat.

Noah doesn't mind the bunny ears at all though. He's always cute and fuzzy anyway.
But now Lily - she can work it. (Can you tell she's used to this by now?)
She knows she'll be rewarded in the end.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

I thought a ball would be entertaining

See, Sammy can be serious, well, sort of. Not clean but just a reminder that he can stand like a good boy for a little while. Almost square, darn those back feet.

He looks so much like his mother Lily is this picture. There's not much of the baby-look left in him anymore. We measured him and still only14.3H in front but a smidge over 15H behind.......we may hit 16H when he's finished growing after all.
But he still thinks Allison's only job is to give him nose kisses.

Really Allison, kiss his nose.
And today, I thought he and Vantage would find a big rubber ball entertaining. He has no fear. He runs right over to check out the strange thing in their pasture.
Both the boys investigate.
Uh oh, it moves
Lily and Masquerade insisted on a turn (Christy - these pictures are for you!)
After a lot of snorting, Lily didn't want any part of it. Masquerade was interested though.
But back it went into the boys field. And of course Sammy just wanted to know if it was edible.
Or maybe it would hold his head up for him.
Well, what good is it anyway?
He'd rather eat.
So now I feel like I should've just given them a box, I'm sure they would have been just as happy.

Friday, September 12, 2008

I should have known

When even Spenser and Sunny felt the need to bow their heads, that there was some sort of mischief being planned. This is a dangerous duo when they get together. I am breaking all sorts of phobias and traditions by posting pictures of people instead of just the animals. I think I can get away with it by actually posting one of myself......which really, really, really goes against my inclinations.

So here are Malcolm and I in our birthday regalia! We had a lovely birthday tea at the barn yesterday, complete with tiaras for the birthday court.

Linda and Anne looked marvelous...........I'm not sure how Sarah got away without being in the picture. Perhaps now we know what she was praying for earlier in the day.
Even Sparky got into the party mood. He is missing his girls so we tried to take his mind off his loneliness. I'm not sure there is another bull in the world that would allow us to put this on his head and actually pose for me. Sparky probably should be wearing a halo instead of a tiara. But, it does prove that real men aren't afraid to wear pink!
Vantage was excited by the party and wanted to wear a tiara........but sadly, no one else would give theirs up.
And Sammy was devastated by being without a tiara.......he's so dramatic.
But he gets over it quick.
Thanks for the fun birthday everyone.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Little boys - what was he thinking?

This may come a surprise to some but Sammy is a bit on the bold side. Poor Sparky the bull, he is separated from all his wives and now he has to contend with this youngster. All I can say is I'm very glad Sparky has raised many, many children of his own and he has the patience of a saint with them. He has let Sammy think he is intimidated by Sammy. These pictures don't show how very large Sparky is but trust me, he's big. But he's such a sweet guy. I do think he should not let Sammy get away with this.But he humors him and moves away.
He really could just flatten Sammy if he wanted. But I think Sparky thinks it would just be too much trouble. But now Sammy is under the impression he has the bull buffaloed!
Working cows is very thirsty work. That lower lip pout will work every time. How nice that Allison will share.
Anxiously awaiting.
Just what he needs, caffeine. At least it's Diet Mountain Dew.
And look how sweetly he asked for some more.
And how patiently he awaits the pouring.
Nothing like a cold drink on a hot muggy summer day. Thanks Allison!