Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Chomping at the bit

Today was the day Sammy met the bit and bridle. He was a very good boy but could not understand about this chewy thing in his mouth. And chew on it he did. He was very confused that it would not come out of his mouth if he dropped his head and opened his mouth. My ebay purchase to use for practice fit him pretty well. I still have some adjusting and fine tuning but all in all, it was very undramatic.
He chewed on the bit like it was chewing gum (and the hundred of peppermints we gave him) for about 15 minutes then we called it a day. He had no trouble spitting it out and seemed very proud of himself.
Then he got some practice standing like a good boy for the horse show. Not ready to try with the bit and bridle yet, but he will be soon. I was at the wrong angle when I took this so he looks a little light behind.....but he is not.

This is from a better angle but he bent his front leg a smidge. At least his ears are up. You can't win them all.........Sarah trotted him for me and he actually has a real floaty trot with very little knee bend. He didn't have a big reach with his shoulder but I will try to trot him out with a bigger step when we show him. No, pictures of that....I was too busy watching.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Sammy' Best Friend

They play grab the halter all day long. Sometimes they play nip the hamstring. And sometimes they just like to run around in a pack. But, they both look like they were playing it up for the camera and had to check me out while playing to be sure I was getting the shot!

That's a lot of legs and this shows how different the two boys are bred. Sammy, Quarter horse/WB cross, head and tail low. Vantage, saddlebred, head and tail high. It's very good for both of them to have each other to play with. Although now I have to remind Sammy every now and then that I am the human mom and not to be played with!

Saturday, January 26, 2008

My baby is growing up.

My baby is growing up. I never really have a chance to look at the rear view because he's usually in my face. I had a chance to look today and wow, his tail is past the points of his hocks. How did that happen? It's starting to look like a real tail instead of a baby whisk broom.

And look at this face. Where did the baby go? He is starting to remind me more and more of his daddy.....with a touch of Lily thrown in. We have actually been able to clip is whiskers 3 times now and he needs it again. He doesn't love it but he will put up with it. I think the ears will be a whole other story!

And look, he still had his nice balance canter even with his clothes on. He has a closed front blanket and is surprisingly good about us putting it on over his head. It's all part of growing up. Next up.....his good friend Jinx had leant me a very special and wonderful bit for his first try. We are very fortunate that Sammy has such good friends. His Aunt Natalie has a nice bridle that she is going to share with us for him to wear on those special occasions. He'll probably get introduced to a bit and bridle next week...........stay tuned.