Monday, March 31, 2008

Looking Back

Sammy will be exactly 1 year old on Thursday, April 3rd. But on a Monday night, the night of the NCAA Basketball tournament Allison was in Ft Myers watching the Gators win the Championship while I was in Vicki and Bruce's RV watching Lily cam. She was keeping me updated on the game and I was keeping her updated on Lily and the figure eights she was pacing.Then a little after 1 am Linda and I saw Lily's water break and we were there.

Sammy wasn't fully delivered yet before Lily was reaching for him and nickering hello. That is the best sound in the entire universe. It's guaranteed to melt any heart.
And now look at them nose to nose. What a difference a year makes. Aren't we glad human children don't grow this fast!Sammy learned early on that butt scratches were a very good thing. Allison was home the first weekend after he was born and that was all it took. He's been addicted ever since.
You would think he's getting a little big for this but he will back himself right up so you can reach that cute tush of his. That is Allison's hand reaching in for the scratches but she made me promise to cut her out of the picture... and I'm sticking to my word. (email me if you want the full size version :-) )

Lily with her bad stifle did a very good job of keeping up with the little speed demon. She got over the need to chase after him pretty quickly though.
But every once in a while, from adjoining pastures, they have a go at it again. And look at them now!!!! What a difference the year has made. I'll try to post more tomorrow.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The little boys left the farm

This is Sammy's game face. His personality is growing in leaps and bounds and the other kids had better watch out. No longer is he the odd man out....he's the ringleader. He enjoys acting tough and picking on the others, but as evidenced by the missing patches of hair, they get their licks in when they can. We are so lucky that they have a each other to play with and grow up together. It is going a long way towards building strong bodies and minds. Ok, maybe we could do without Sammy's mind getting too strong.
Saturday the little boys left the farm. We took them and some of their older barn mates to the North Florida Arabian club's open show. Everyone loaded up very easily Saturday afternoon and we trailered them over to the Equestrian Center so they could settle in and get a look around. Once everything was unpacked and organized we all went for a walk. Sammy was happy and well behaved as long as Vantage was there with him. He was definitely more excitable when we were by ourselves. But no limbs were lost and once he settled back down, he got to go back to his stall and eat dinner. (A big deal in Sammy's world) Unfortunately, the indoor arena was not open yet for schooling so we didn't get to take them into the arena. We did take them into the warm up area though. On Sunday morning, we took them up to the arena thinking our class would be any minute. Not so. We had to wait probably around 20 to 30 minutes so I was entertaining him as best I could. Playing tug of war with the crop seemed to work pretty well and it kept him from grabbing the reins in his mouth.
I think both little boys were very well behaved considering how crowded the area was and that they hadn't really been in there except for a few minutes the night before. Then it was time for our class. This is how it works in the Arab world. One at a time, you walk them a few steps into the arena then ask them to trot then you line them up. So neither of the boys had ever been inside the arena before and then all of a sudden we were asking them to trot. Vantage was very good even though he did not want to trot. He at least was comfortable walking and stood very nicely like a little gentleman. Then it was Sammy's turn. He was so good. He trotted just like I asked him to and except for a couple of side ways movements to look at the strange stuff, he trotted around with me like a champ. And then he wanted to canter, but didn't get to, so then he had a little excess energy to burn ...and up he went. And let me tell you he can get VERY tall. Here is the photographers website as proof.

But, he is a baby and he is not perfect. How dull would that be. Going to the show did exactly what I was hoping it would do. It got him off the farm and into a very strange environment so I could see what's the worst he could give me. We have some things to work on before taking him to his first Hunter Breeding adventure but that's the fun of bringing up baby. And he did not bat an eye at the Arabians in Native Costume, the minis all dolled up or even the Hackney pony that seemed to scare the bejesus out of so many others. Those people up in the stands of the arena and strobe flash lights going off are another thing altogether. All in all, it was a great experience for both of the little guys.......but exhausting for the humans! I am just starting to recover today.

If you want to see the video Sarah took, you can visit her page on the Chronicle of My Horse. She has downloaded it there.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Sammy has a job

He doesn't know it or understand it fully but his job is to keep me entertained. And so far he is doing a fabulous job. His latest was an effort to get me to fully understand HIS priorities. Ok, I get it now. I was leading him back to turn him out and he tripped a little and went down on one knee. I just waited for him to get up but instead, he just bent the other leg, and knelt down so he could graze. The grass was much closer that way. He has his priorities.
He finds a way to entertain me when I'm actually in the other field watching Allison ride Noah. He loves to zoom around with the other kids.
And I caught him rolling. This is the opposite of the other day with his back end down instead of the front end.
He loves Noah. He thought he was a big boy walking beside step. Who cares that there is that old fence in the way? I didn't get a good picture of him as he was cantering with Noah the other way....but he followed him all along the fence line and was a little peeved when he had to turn the opposite way.....even gave us a little Sammy buck.

We loaded him in the horse trailer this week and took him for a little ride. He loaded right up with the promise of treats once he was in. We took him for a ride around the block and he unloaded like a champ. He's ready to horse show.