Sunday, September 21, 2008

I thought a ball would be entertaining

See, Sammy can be serious, well, sort of. Not clean but just a reminder that he can stand like a good boy for a little while. Almost square, darn those back feet.

He looks so much like his mother Lily is this picture. There's not much of the baby-look left in him anymore. We measured him and still only14.3H in front but a smidge over 15H behind.......we may hit 16H when he's finished growing after all.
But he still thinks Allison's only job is to give him nose kisses.

Really Allison, kiss his nose.
And today, I thought he and Vantage would find a big rubber ball entertaining. He has no fear. He runs right over to check out the strange thing in their pasture.
Both the boys investigate.
Uh oh, it moves
Lily and Masquerade insisted on a turn (Christy - these pictures are for you!)
After a lot of snorting, Lily didn't want any part of it. Masquerade was interested though.
But back it went into the boys field. And of course Sammy just wanted to know if it was edible.
Or maybe it would hold his head up for him.
Well, what good is it anyway?
He'd rather eat.
So now I feel like I should've just given them a box, I'm sure they would have been just as happy.

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