Friday, July 18, 2008

We have had rain.

We have had a lot more rain this summer compared to last. The grass is beautiful and green and growing. We had a summer shower this afternoon and what could be better than a nice roll in the wet, tall grass.It's important I suppose to have a friend to watch your back while you are otherwise occupied.

Hey Sammy, you all right, man?
Woah......he's coming back this way. I guess Vantage wasn't expecting the double roll. Sammy's got talent.
There is just no privacy in the little boys' field. Chasing each other though is a major activity for the boys. It's almost as fun as chasing cows.
Because the grass is growing so well, the boys are sharing their grass with the cows with babies. Poor bulls have been separated out for now due to family planning issues. The momma cows have lightened up a bit but they still keep their eyes on the troublemaker.
I don't think the boys can resist trying to play with the babies. How can anyone resist this little face?
While Sammy was keeping the babysitter cow occupied, Vantage made an end run on the babies.
And off they scattered.
And look who's playing innocent!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Guest photographer and a reality check

We were honored to have my nephew in town this weekend and he's a much better photographer than I am. Here are a couple of pictures he took of Sammy and I. Unfortunately, too many of them included my fluffy, slovenly self so I'll only post the artfully cropped and staged ones. This one, you can see how close my hairdresser has gotten my color to Sammy's.And what better view to prove that the back end is currently a bit taller than the front end. At least you can better gage his current height with me sort of in the least those of you who know how tall I really am.
And Sammy seems very nonchalant here. But he has learned a very hard and valuable lesson.
The cows were very cooperative in his herding practicing sessions........until one of these arrived.
And now, Momma cow is a bit less tolerant. Rumor has it Sammy was seen running across the pasture with Momma in full chase. Poor Sammy. But life's lessons are best learned at a young age.