Saturday, September 27, 2008

Dress up day

I don't know why I feel the need to play dress up with the horses, but I do.....occasionally. And Halloween is just around the corner and cute little costumey things are in the stores. Sammy might as well learn now it's gonna happen sooner or later, might as well accept it and get over it. It's very hard to know the right costume to get for your child. The little kitty ears don't show up very well and they look a bit like Mickey Mouse no, those won't do.
How about bunny ears? That's better, but Sammy is still not a believer. Maybe the grown ups can lead the way.

Ooops, it doesn't look like Spenser likes the bunny ears either. And what's up with the bow in his forelock.....much too prissy for him.
Now this is more like it. This really suits him and the color goes great with his black coat.

Noah doesn't mind the bunny ears at all though. He's always cute and fuzzy anyway.
But now Lily - she can work it. (Can you tell she's used to this by now?)
She knows she'll be rewarded in the end.

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