Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Looking Back part 2

Easter weekend last year was chilly and it was in April. Sammy was about 3 weeks old and learning about personal space. He learned to wait and let me approach him and then he would get all the scratches his little heart desired. But NO jumping up on humans.

And it was a good lesson for him to learn because now, he's this size instead of the little bitty size and we're thankful he learned early....no jumping on the people.
Ok - so he still had a thing about jumping. His mother let him get away with this. Who would have guessed she'd be so tolerant and lenient. She is the herd boss except when it comes to Sammy.
So now, the others have to pay the price. Really, they were both running towards the gate and had a minor crash but as you can see, Sammy has no qualms about jumping on his fellow herd mates.
This carrying things around in his mouth started early. And he also showed us he could sit back on his haunches like his Quarter Horse side.
And he still shows us that. He's actually playing with Allison and teasing her. He's trying to go slow for her. (This doesn't really count as putting her picture up here does it?) He just dinked along going slow for the poor child with only 2 legs.
So I guess the thing to remember, no matter how big he gets, what we saw as a baby is continuing on. Wonder if we'll still be saying that when he's 10?

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