Thursday, April 10, 2008

Just another day

I thought I would try to get some pasture pictures today. Sammy is almost completely shedded out and is looking sleek and shiny. He had his feet trimmed today and was a most excellent little man for the farrier. I don't know why I think I'll be able to just slide right in and snap some pictures before they notice......Maybe get some nice ones of them grazing together and then this happens. Hi Mom with the fingernails.....

And before you know it I'm surrounded by them all. Sammy is explaining to Masquerade that I am his and she should not try to share in the attentions. But Masquerade and Sammy have come to an understanding and I see them hanging out together almost as much as he and Vantage. The boys are about to catch up to Masquerade in the height department.....well, Vantage has her height, Sammy has her weight! She doesn't really stand a chance with both boys together.

I think we're all set to go down to Alicia's for our first Hunter Breeding show. Entries sent, braider contacted and we're on her list, Christy's graciously lending us her trailer, Jay is lending us his truck.......I think it's a go. T minus 8 days and counting.

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