Monday, March 31, 2008

Looking Back

Sammy will be exactly 1 year old on Thursday, April 3rd. But on a Monday night, the night of the NCAA Basketball tournament Allison was in Ft Myers watching the Gators win the Championship while I was in Vicki and Bruce's RV watching Lily cam. She was keeping me updated on the game and I was keeping her updated on Lily and the figure eights she was pacing.Then a little after 1 am Linda and I saw Lily's water break and we were there.

Sammy wasn't fully delivered yet before Lily was reaching for him and nickering hello. That is the best sound in the entire universe. It's guaranteed to melt any heart.
And now look at them nose to nose. What a difference a year makes. Aren't we glad human children don't grow this fast!Sammy learned early on that butt scratches were a very good thing. Allison was home the first weekend after he was born and that was all it took. He's been addicted ever since.
You would think he's getting a little big for this but he will back himself right up so you can reach that cute tush of his. That is Allison's hand reaching in for the scratches but she made me promise to cut her out of the picture... and I'm sticking to my word. (email me if you want the full size version :-) )

Lily with her bad stifle did a very good job of keeping up with the little speed demon. She got over the need to chase after him pretty quickly though.
But every once in a while, from adjoining pastures, they have a go at it again. And look at them now!!!! What a difference the year has made. I'll try to post more tomorrow.

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