Saturday, April 12, 2008


One week from today, we will have been there and done that. So today was a practice day. Now I can tell you for certain, that getting them to stand is easier for some than others. Sammy will stand for me but I have a really hard time getting him set up nicely. And then Linda takes the reins. So do you like Sammy No.1

Or Sammy #2
Or Sammy #3?
I think it's number 3 for me but what do I know. Keep in mind he was not bathed yet just brushed up so his socks are not as clean as they could/will be. But close your eyes and picture him all braided up. He is butt high right now and a bit ribby but.....I think he looks pretty good.
So I think we are really going to go. T minus 6 days and counting.

Are we done yet?


hunterbreeder said...

#3 for the handome boy! Good luck!

hunterbreeder said...

PS, it's Stacey, Cabby's Mom. ;)