Monday, April 14, 2008

A day in the life

Sunday afternoon was a beautiful day and I didn't make it to the barn until early afternoon. The morning had been drizzly and cool and a bit windy, so we waited until it was beautiful and clear. Sounds like a good plan, right? And this little innocent face comes to greet me. Your typical Sammy looking for love. I never suspected he had been up to no good earlier in the day.

Linda had a rough morning with absolutely no cooperation from the livestock. There was a lot of moving the bovines around. The new black Brangus cow made her appearance (yes Ann you have arrived) and the parent Zebus were sent to the Lodge so they could wean the baby and in the process, older brother Goliath made his escape. As Sammy was being lead to the turnout, he catches sight of Goliath, not enclosed and that's the only excuse he needed. He rips away from Linda and takes off down the driveway. This very driveway that leads to the road. (Luckily the gates are always shut) He started on the other side of the building way in the distance and the picture was taken from the gate.

He turned and went back down the driveway where he spotted Goliath by the lake. Goliath was "good" enough to give us a re-enactment in the afternoon. Sammy's Quarter Horse heritage made an appearance and Sammy proceeded to chase Goliath a couple of times around the picture Sammy instead of Malcolm in the golf cart. (Not that Sammy was IN the golf cart, you know what I mean.)
Goliath is a hard little guy to catch. Sammy gave up and ended up in the barn in a stall with a stolen bucket full of Stud Muffins. And then his adventure was over, he was recaptured and placed back in the field where he belonged.
But Goliath was captured that afternoon by some skillful golf cart driving by Malcolm. The girls were heckling him and Sparky gave him an earful.
Sparky had a lot to say about the whole episode but was really concentrating on the new black cow that joined the herd in the morning. (That would be Ann)
Peace was established and Sammy blended in with the good cows. Just a bunch of chestnut colored animals in a field. We never would have guessed how their morning went.

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