Sunday, May 3, 2009

Looking for that big action shot.

I have a good friend far, far away who has been my cheerleader/hand holder ever since I made that first decision to breed Lily. She doesn't know I'm posting this otherwise I would tell you her name and the breeding of her yearling, but...........isn't he really something???? She sends me this and I immediately think WOW. He gorgeous. Now I need a picture like that of Sammy......I think I must have been still asleep and dreaming.

It has turned hot down here so the turnout has switched around to everybody is in during the day and out at night. I worked some with Sammy (he's a very good boy by the way) and gave him a bath then let him eat his dinner. Then it was time to turn them out. AH Hah! They haven't been turned out all day, surely they'll be a little frisky and I can get some good action shots. So I armed myself with my mega lens and off I went. What action!!!

Ready for it????

Really, really ready????

Here it comes.....

And we're down.......but he does have all 4 feet off the ground.

And is really enjoying himself.............

And can flip all the way over too...........

and shake it all about.

Oh come Vantage in the next field wanting to play. I know I can count on him to get things going.

Yep, there it is...Sammy's big rear that goes along with his big buck.

Um, Mom - I'm still hungry, could you fill up this feed bin?

Oh well, better luck next time I'm sure. If only I could take pictures and ground drive him at the same time...he really does look good.....and he actually moves forward, I promise.

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