Saturday, May 30, 2009

It's been a while

May has been a very strange month weather-wise. First it was too hot, then it was too cold. It was very dry and we were under water restrictions. The grass crunched when you walked on it, not a good thing. We screamed for the rain....and then it came. It didn't stop raining for about 10 days and we got a months worth of rain and just a few days. Some places were reporting 2 feet worth. That's a lot of rain. So, the horses have been on the back burner a bit. But today was beautiful, hot, but not rainy so it was beautiful. This is how excited Lily and Sammy were to be outside without any rain.... Here's Lily, the mom.

And here's Sammy. Look at that blue sky. It seems like a very long time since it's been blue. Gray is what we've been having.....very gray and wet. So now the rains have tapered off a bit, the hot weather is back and we have the Florida Sauna in full operation.

But, after spending some time with them in the field, with the sunshine, I noticed Sammy has a dark spot on one of his legs. Lily has a couple of these dark greasy looking spots. I tried to wash them off of her for a long time before I realized they were really supposed to stay. And now, it looks like Sammy has one just sprouting. I find it hard to believe I wouldn't have seen it before now if it had been there all must have been hiding underneath all that winter hair. :-)

And I am dreading the day his light colored tail hairs are no more. They are so contrasting and pretty....I'd better get the hair dresser ready to put them back if they disappear.

Here an exciting action shot for you......the most I saw in the hour I spent with them. I promise I'll try again tomorrow.

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