Friday, April 24, 2009

not great pictures but...

they were taken with my Blackberry after all. Why do I do these things knowing I was without my camera? I decided it was time to see how Sammy would like wearing a saddle. I think after the surcingle, the nice fuzzy soft girth was ok. (and I can't believe Lily's girth actually fit him!) He really wasn't so impressed by it so off we went to the round pen to see how he liked wearing it while he was actually moving. As you can see, he was very bothered by it.

He was a very good boy and took my voice commands pretty well considering there were not any lines actually attached. The saddle at the canter bothered him the most as you can tell by this HUGE buck (come on Natalie, let us call this a buck, pretty please?)

But he walked, trotted and cantered both directions and then we were done. He stood by the mounting block like a good little boy while Linda climbed up and leaned all over the saddle bouncing up and down while she was there. He took it in stride so we're one more step closer.

But there's a part of me that's very sad that baby Sammy is no more. He is looking oh so very grown up now.

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