Saturday, May 30, 2009

In which Sammy meets a ground pole

Today Sammy got to meet a ground pole in the round pen. He's been walked over them before but somehow it's different with the long lines. I was grateful it has dried up enough to use the round pen.

He checked it out first to see what was up.

And then had to ask Allison for advice. Or maybe for rescue. It was harder to keep him from trying to visit with her than it was to get him over the ground pole.

He does love her.
Wow, momma.....that came up a bit quick. Do I jump it? What's the deal?

Ok, here it comes again.

ah, got it. It's no big deal.

We can walk over it, easy peasy.

And then just trot off. He was very proud of himself.

All right buddy, what about the other direction. Everything is new again. Let's think about it first. Allison is not going to help you out.

It looks so different this direction. Gotta jump it.

But please don't let it get my back legs.

Oh yea, you can just walk over it. He's good to go again.

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