Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sammy and Lily have new digs

Sometimes, it is time to move on. It was one of those mixed emotions sort of day. Sad to be leaving a farm we had thought of as home but excited to be moving into a barn that is a true hunter/jumper facility......but on a smaller scale than a big show barn.
First we loaded up Lily and Sammy and the majority of our do we accumulate so much stuff anyway? Sammy had to look back to make sure I was coming.

But then we arrived a short trip later at what we hope we be their new home for a long time.

Sammy and Lily moved right in and Sammy has already found the hanging hose to play with and loved the ability to visit with passers-by.

He seemed to settle right in and Lily was right behind him so they have each other for comfort. Lily was not wanting her picture taken in her stall.....something about the bad lighting for a glamour shot.

We got them settled in and then went back for Spenser and the jump poles....yes we actually have some. And then Spenser was on the road and it was official, we had left Johnson Farm completely.

Spenser seems to like his new abode also.

Here is the riding's an acre in size. This will be a true novelty and luxury for us, and a big reason for our move.

There is a lane dividing 2 sets of pastures

And a we feel more at home.

Sammy thought I should please just let him go....but I thought it would be nice if Lily had actually made it through the gate too.

And then they were off.

I've never seen Sammy quite so....elevated I think would be a good word. Natalie - you would have been astonished at the height he cleared! I couldn't even get a picture of it because my jaw was hanging open.

But all is well. they calmed down and Lily settled right in to her edging routine. Why does she like the edges of a pasture more than the middle?

So the move had been made, the horses have had a night to settle in and we'll see what today brings...........

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Laurindakk said...

I am so happy for the babies :) I hope their new home is everything and then some!