Monday, May 5, 2008

Sammy is still napping

Sammy is enjoying some down time (plus he has a little boo-boo on his leg that is being doctored) so I'll share a story about my non-horsey husband. I have to confess he's the grocery shopper/cook of the household and if I don't request anything for myself, I can be counted on to request carrots for the horses.....3 mouths to feed = lots of carrots needed. He considers it a real success if the store has the 10 lb bag in stock (it means he won't be requested to get them for a day or 2). One day, while browsing the carrot section he was given the big tip about the Farmer's Market here in town. He did not share this secret knowledge with me so I had no idea he even knew we had a Farmer's Market, much less how to get there.

This past Saturday was my day to work when in walks Oscar with a rather large (think 25lb) bag of carrots. Not only was the bag large but the actual carrots themselves were enormous. And then there were 2! (He was going to get 3 but didn't think we'd have enough storage space!) Now while at the Farmer's Market, does he get tomotoes (which they evidently have in abundance) or anything else for us to eat? Absolutely not. His mission was carrots and he was focused. Here they are once they arrived at the barn just so you can get an idea of their largeness. (One bag has already been dipped into.) The bench is a regular people sized bench.

Saturdays at my store are not exactly known for being busy. (If anyone needs a prescription in a hurry on a Saturday and are near Orange Park, we're the place to come) So we began to feel the need to entertain ourselves. First we decided to measure this whopper of a carrot. It was bigger than a size 10 insole.....much bigger than a 20oz Diet get the idea. And then I had a flashback to my childhood and my Mr. Potatoe Head.

Meet Mr. Carrot. He has evolved from the primordial carrot patch. He seems to have that dazed look about him and seems uncertain of his new found freedom.
But, hey, we were at work so felt he should be productive.Doesn't he look professional?
Lucky Mr. Carrot. He has escaped the fate of his unevolved friends. They are so large, the only way to feed them was to cut them up. Allison couldn't cut them fast enough for Noah....he likes the AUCE carrot buffet.
And Sunday, instead of walking away when he saw her coming, he cantered right up to the gate...hoping the buffet was still open.

Next time, Sammy will be back....I'm sure of it.

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