Friday, May 9, 2008

Growth spurt

Sammy is just finishing up a bit of a grown spurt. (Or at least I think he's finished for now) He has grown 1&1/2 inches since April 3rd and he now measures 14.1&1/2. He has leveled out a bit and is really starting to fill out some more. He has lost that ribiness that he had just a week ago. Trying to keep up with his growth patterns is making our heads spin.
I thought I'd put him in the riding ring/dry lot and see if I could maybe get some pictures of him plumped up a little and maybe in motion. He thought he'd use it to visit. Sunny came to say hello, it's been quite some time since they were stabled next to each other and I think they had some catching up to do.
He's checking out the mounting block. He has heard about those things but not sure what the purpose is. He'll find out some day.....I hope. Can you see that one furry spot on his belly? It's just one little patch that refuses to let go. It isn't shedding in the slightest. And it's not like he ever had a heavy winter coat. His mom Lily has a couple patches like that as her full winter coat. Wonder if it will stay around a while. But there is no sign at all of those white streaks that he had following his surgery.
Oops, look, Sammy trotting. It's a very rare sighting and you have to be quick.........
Mostly he likes to canter..............right at you................

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