Sunday, May 18, 2008

A Guest Appearance

Allison and I spent Mother's Day in Ocala visiting our friend Jinx and her scrumptious equine babies. They are not all together for boarding reasons so first we met her yearling Woody. He is by the stallion Pablo and out of a lovely gray mare from Canada. He is so much larger and more developed and grown up than Sammy. He is a cudler and a very, very sweet boy. Although he did lay a guilt trip on me when I gave him a sweet peppermint which he promptly spit out. It seems he is a bit of a health nut and will only eat healthy, natural treats. What is the world coming to? But he is very fond of people.....especially his mom Jinx.

Hugs and kisses..........that's what Woody is all about.

He was very sweet to all of us and it became increasingly clear that we were NOT going to see him actually in motion. The look on his face when we tried to shoo him away was heart breaking.We didn't have the courage to try again. Carrots he loved and what a handsome man he is. I can't wait to see the grown up version.

He is bay right now and is slowly turning gray. See, he just didn't understand why I wasn't over there with the rest of them loving on him. That'll get me every time.
Then we moved on the see the 2 mares and foals. She has a colt out of her gorgeous mare Lily by the stallion Rio Grande and a filly out of her Hanoverian mare Marple by the stallion Escudo II. We got there and Allison and Jinx were swarmed by most of them for treats.

This is Joker, the colt. He is bay, we think but right now doesn't have the strong bay markings of black legs. Maybe he'll be a liver chestnut? Nah....we say bay with minimal black markings. And look at his cool blaze. To me, it's a sock puppet, to Jinx, it's Casper the friendly ghost. What do you think?
But this little girl is Evie. She is more about the scratches than the treats. I don't think there is a sweeter little filly in existence.Joker just checking in with his mom Lily. He is bold and friendly but every once in a while, you need a Mommy check. Isn't her Lily absolutely wonderful?I think Joker has some sort of defiance issues. Probably from living with 3 girls....2 adults and 1 child.As we were leaving, and it was hard to leave, Evie still was wanting some scratches.
But she is comforted by her "brother" and her mom. And anyone will take comfort wherever they can get it.

Thanks so much Jinx for sharing your kids with us.

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