Saturday, May 31, 2008

Musical Chairs

Yesterday I thought it would be a good idea to just take a chair out into the pasture with Sammy and Masquerade. I could get some pictures if they would cooperate otherwise I could just sit and enjoy the breeze while I was waiting for Allison to finish her ride so we could have dinner together. These chairs are in the barn aisle, they pass them at least twice a day. Why is it that they are much more fascinating when they are in their pasture instead of in the barn? I put the chair down to latch the gate and that's the last I thought about actually sitting in it. The kids were absolutely fascinated.
Sammy said - Hey Masquerade, think it will do tricks?
Uh oh - it moves!
Oh the trauma of a chair turning over. They were mesmerized, not traumatized.
And anxious for more
Uh oh - did they kill it?
Why does everything have to go in the mouth? And then just like all kids, the fight begins...........Sammy tries to tell Masquerade that the chair is his.

She disagreed with him and she is the oldest so the chair should belong to her.
And then like a kid still, he decides to tell on her to his momma.
As if she cared!

And this was Lily's reaction. Just like all moms, she knows they'll work it out.
Much to Sammy's dismay.

And if this isn't a look exactly like Lily would give, I don't know what is.

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Those horses are beautiful and SMART!!!! Look at the tricks with that chair! They are gifted! Great blog and wonderful pictures!!!