Saturday, July 4, 2009

Playtime is over

Allison was my guest photographer today. It's very hard to do the work and take the pictures at the same time. So it was time to test out Sammy's training wheels in the riding arena at their new home. It's such nice arena.....and it's got jumps!!!! Sammy was VERY disturbed by the strange furniture in the playpen as you can see.

This is Sammy excited by the jumps. I guess once you've been herding cows, jumps aren't a big deal.

He was oh so disturbed.

oooh. he likes the colorful one.

The flowery one didn't raise much interest.

At least there was some shade somewhere.....I hate the summer and the heat and the humidity and the bugs and the snakes......etc
Allison did a most excellent job on this picture. Perfect placing for the jump standard if you ask me.

And we were out of there. Not bad for our first look at the jumps .

Poor Remy says it's very tough being a barn dog. He needs his air conditioning. Luckily he has discovered that the pond is a nice place to cool off......until he needs to be a bit cleaner before getting in the car.

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