Saturday, March 7, 2009


It was one of those glorious days we have in the spring. The high was 78 degrees with just a slight breeze. It was perfect. Last Monday though it was VERY cold and windy and of course that was the day the vet came out for vaccinations. Sammy's wolf teeth have come in and because we have started to ground drive him and he has a bit in his mouth, those wolf teeth had to come out. So Sammy had his first dental procedure (and his sheath cleaned while he was under sedation) and the wolf teeth came out. Of course it was very cold, and it took until 1030 that night for my feet to thaw out but all his sharp little baby teeth were filed down and now he'll be ready to rock and roll. Because his little gums are still healing, today was just a play day, he got groomed and some treats and then they went back outside. It is too nice a night for them to be indoors. The sun was getting ready to set as I was ready to leave but I thought I could get a quick picture of Sammy while he wasn't looking for me. His coat is gorgeous with the setting sunlight reflection.

But, I only got 1 picture in before he saw me. This is my usual view of him.

And then he very carefully turns himself around so I can give his butt a scratch or two. I don't think he is going to grow out of this any time soon. Of course I saw Escapade do the same thing to Alicia in a stall in Wellington so I'm thinking it runs in the family. And from his face, you can tell that's exactly what he wanted.
But there are some places he just has to scratch himself! He's definitely up on all his stretching exercises.

And the moon was rising before the sun had set. I love it when that happens.

For anyone reading, we are planning a birthday party for Vantage and Sammy on Saturday, April 4th. I'll be sending out some e-vites soon so if I forget you, I'm sorry, email me. Dinner will be served .... and all are welcome and expected. Time to be decided later but either 5pm or 6pm. Happy Daylight Savings Time....don't forget to set your clocks forward if you haven't already......and thus ends my public service announcement.

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