Sunday, March 22, 2009

Has it really been two years????

Ok, lets think back. Where were you 2 years ago?

I was watching Lily like a hawk but convinced she'd never deliver her Escapade baby. It was my first and her first but luckily, not the first for Linda and Malcolm.

It was March Madness season and the Gators were in the running.

I was avidly watching MareStare in hopes of watching a few foalings live on the internet before I got to witness Lily's. Suerte from Glenhill had sucked us all in and we were anxiously watching her for weeks. She had fooled a lot of experienced breeders into thinking that she was going into labor, only to sit back and laugh at everyone. I was convinced Lily had been getting lessons from her. Of course Suerte decided to have her baby after I'd moved into the camper for my own mare stare adventure so I missed it on the live cam.

Allison was living in Ft. Myers undergoing her first fieldwork and having just a wonderful time!!!

This is what Lily looked like at the beginning of March 2007. We could actively feel the baby moving but could not get any milk to test. I was so wanting to test that milk, the chemist in me NEEDED to test that milk. But...nothing doing.
And then I moved into the camper that Vicki and Bruce so kindly lent me. I was really roughing it then. I had to watch Lily all night from here...

With the Lilycam set up so all I had to do was open my eye a bit to see what was going on. I didn't get a lot of good sound sleep but I was most definitely comfortable. Oscar didn't see me for weeks other than when I made it home to do laundry, change out clothes and take a nice hot shower.

And the rear window of the camper was back right up to the lovely foaling stall Malcolm had set up just months before the due dates.

But sometimes I felt that Lily was watching me as I was watching her. Perhaps she felt I had actually provided her with some entertainment, a human aquarium........or is it a terrarium....or maybe just a flat screen TV.

The final night of the NCAA tournament I had come home from work to find Lily dripping milk. That night Allison was on the phone keeping me updated on the Gators and I would let her know how many figure 8's Lily was making. This really looked like she might be serious. I called Linda and we both kept an eye on her. The Gators won and then ..... we saw and heard Lily's water break and we were there in a flash. There wasn't much to do but stand back and watch. We knew the front feet had socks and then the beautiful white blaze showed up. I didn't know I wasn't supposed to call Alicia until the foal was fully delivered so I could let her know the gender....ooops. Sorry Alicia. But this is right after I called or maybe right before.

And it's a boy. I had already decided on names....Espionage (no matter what color just to confuse Natalie) with Sammy as a barn name.
And Lily was in love.....and so was I.

And now, here he is almost 2 years to the day later. What an absolutely wonderful experience it has been every day, from the moment we first laid eyes on him.

Thanks Lily, Escapade, Linda and Malcolm for giving me such a wonderful gift.

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Lara said...

Sammy you are such a LOOKER! love the recap!