Friday, February 20, 2009

Vantage and Sammy have a playdate

Wednesday it was overcast and yucky and windy beyond belief. What better day to decide that Sammy and Vantage needed a playdate. Sammy has been turned out with his mom Lily and Vantage has the pony Quinn to keep him company. (He is not to be confused with momma Beth the cows first born Quin Jr. - pictures at a later date) Sammy went to join the boys in their pasture and at first, the only thing he was interested in were the new smells in the field. Vantage was just tagging along.

Sunny and Spenser have settled in like they are ready to catch up on the WWF or fight night. Then Vantage obviously told Sammy to "bite my butt, carrot top". So, Sammy, being the polite guest, bites his butt...

...which Vantage seemed to actually object to. His solution was to just keep backing up into Sammy...

Sunny and Spenser have to talk that last maneuver over amongst themselves while Sammy says, "Hey - come back here and say that again, mister"

He' s really got his game face on now!!!

A little warm up and he's ready....
....don't ask me what this is, it's just funny.

Sammy had not ever been nose to nose with the mighty Quinn before.
But Vantage seemed a bit protective of the little guy. Those painted ones have to stick together.

Sammy is not believing that Vantage prefers the little guy to him. How quickly they forget a lifetime of friendship and fun.
But Vantage is NOT sharing his pony with anyone....especially not Sammy.

The full body block is on. You can't see or hear the cheering going on from the old guys, Sunny and Spenser, just out of the picture. They haven't been this entertained in a while.

Fine, if he can't play with the pony, he has spotted the old ball.

NOW Vantage wants the ball. But Sammy can't resist a little taunting.....

.... but then he looses the ball and it's a free for all.

Vantage has got a quick hind end......

....but I think Sammy can out muscle him.....

See, he's ready to do it all over again.
Playtime's over.....time to go home to Mom's where you belong.

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