Sunday, November 9, 2008

Not much new to report

Not much going on these days. This is Florida's version of Fall Foliage! The trees are absolutely loaded with fruit.....and Noah loves tangerines.
The ball that the boys are supposed to be having a great time with has been abandoned by them. Who knew that the cows were the ones it was really for. I think the girls are tired of waiting those last few weeks before their babies arrive. This is Beth, who thinks we aren't watching.

Who knew she has such a playful side? I suspect it's hard to pick up and throw the ball around if you don't have any top front teeth. But she does seem to enjoy it never the less.

Quinn gets a few hours a day out with the little boys. (Actually the little boys are much bigger than Quinn but don't tell him that.) They thought he would be a great playmate but he quickly made them think again. He can't go out on lush grass so he has to take advantage of the little grazing time he can get now that the grass has quit growing. He doesn't have any time to play with kids. And he does not hesitate to explain that to them very clearly.

This is a picture taken exactly 1 year ago. Look at how much smaller the boys were than Masquerade.
Now, they are the same size and approaching the same height as Lily. I thought I was pretty good at hiding and they were just running around playing so I thought I could get some good action shots. The moment my camera comes out, here's Sammy. (Christy - I left Lily in the picture just for you!) And please notice he has Lily's slick winter coat. Thank you.

Sunset this time of year can also be pretty dramatic. We don't get the leaves changing but the sky does what it can for us.

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