Sunday, October 26, 2008

Work and play go together

The little boys have started to work.....just a bit. Vantage is a pro and this is his first excursion out of the round pen. He has been so amazingly easy to work with and nothing seems to bother him.

Then it was Sammy's turn. Just a little on the longe line before the long lines. He has no problem with it this way......

or that way........

And once their brief work period was time! They really aren't so interested in the jolly ball. But if one of them has it, of course the other one wants it. What was I thinking getting Vantage to take it while I was in the middle?
Of course Sammy wanted it if Vantage had it.

Oops - dropped what?Sammy can't be bothered with the handle.........he can pick it up easily.

Oops.....Ball - you ok?

Who needs a silly old ball anyway?

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