Sunday, November 23, 2008

A Mother's Job

A mother's job is never done. Sammy and Vantage have decided that neither one is allowed to go through the gate ahead of the other and have been making it difficult to safely bring one in. Ok - Sammy has been a real pain in the patootie. So, it was time for his mother to explain things to him. Out he went with her and her friends. For 2 days they ran and played - ok Sammy ran her ragged and tormented her. Then today, she had enough. She must have explained the situation to him because he is sporting a couple of hoof prints on his chest and now, seems a little bit more respectful of her and of us. Thank you Lily.

If we had any doubts he has grown and would be a bit taller than Lily, all we had to do was look at them turned out together. Thank you Escapade for adding some height and legs to our boy.

See, He's all sweetness next to his momma....and Linda
And doesn't every mother recognize the look on Lily's face........would you PLEASE BEHAVE....we're getting our pictures taken here! Yes ma'am.

See, all it took was a mother's love. Good as gold. He may turn out ok after all.

And so another sun sets on learning day for Sammy. This is the Vilano bridge today on my way home. Some days the sun is rising over the ocean when I go to work, and sets over the intracoastal on my way home. There's something wrong with that I think. (Don't think you'll ever see the sunrise pictures here........I'm not that organized.)

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