Sunday, October 12, 2008

Pasture life

The little boys have a pasture that is separate from the bigger boys. The geldings are on one side and the mares on the other. The little boys like to hang out with the big boys and pretend they are part of the gelding herd. They also share their pasture right now with the pregnant black angus cows, Sarah, Beth and Anne. It's nice that they are learning about the diversity of their world.
Their hay and water is up by the barn so they have to leave their older friends to grab a bite.

They are very good at sharing with each other.

But Sarah and Beth want in on the goods. They are very pregnant and need the extra nutrition....or so they'd like us to believe.
Carefully they sneak up on the boys trying to eat around the edges without the boys noticing.
Please Sammy, share your hay with us?
Poor Sarah, she's got a pregnant sweet tooth. Now Malcolm tells us that cows don't like carrots. I don't think he took into consideration the cravings a pregnant little momma can get. So what if they don't have upper front teeth. She NEEDS a carrot.Ok, little momma....we'll give you the carrots. She must've eaten 3 or 4 before the boys realized she was scarfing down their treats.
And Vantage does the herding. Sammy has taught him well. No one can tell him that saddlebreds shouldn't herd cattle! And Sammy............
Well he's just proud of his friend.

And he's learned how to delegate. He's management material I tell you!
And it's always nice to see one of these going home at the end of the day.

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