Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Sammy loves scratches

There was a recent thread on the COTH BB about allowing butt scratches for a weanling. Sammy enjoys being scratched almost anywhere. It's a toss up between scratches or treats. I think they have equal billing in his pleasure department. I am amazed that the lessons started when he was a baby have stuck with him. He knows to stand and wait. He plainly knows how to "ask" for them but he is polite about it. And it is so satisfying to know that you are doing something that he so fully enjoys. The lips quivers and the nose goes up and out.
Vantage doesn't really see the need for them but he certainly doesn't want to miss out on anything that Sammy is getting. They really are good buddies and Linda and I are both very grateful they have each other to grow up with.
But friendship evidently has it's limits. There are just certain things Sammy doesn't really like to share. Treats - he's not big on sharing them. And evidently he's not so crazy about sharing my scratching fingernails. But he still is making sure I haven't gone anywhere and will continue. They really are good friends........really.

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