Sunday, August 10, 2008

The boys try on the surcingle

Yesterday, Linda wondered if her small surcingle would fit Vantage. So, of course we had to try. He could care less he's wearing a belt around his middle. And then he learned a bit and bridle would come too. He could have cared less so off they went to the round pen to see how he adjusted to moving with some equipment on. Walk, trot, change directions....all we wanted. He had a little buck somewhere in there but mostly he was calm and showed off his stuff.This was the end of his big buck.
And then it was Sammy's turn. He could have cared less either. He was much more interested in all the smells in the round pen since his mom has been turned out there for the last few nights. He hasn't worn a bridle since April and he had no problems with it yesterday. I'm not even sure he noticed the surcingle. Here's his walk.
And his trot.
And his bloodhound trotting imitation.
I think I have the exact same picture of his mother. For him, the canter is his preferred gait.
So another milestone reached without any trauma at all.


Anonymous said...

The boys have really grown! Sammy looks awesome in his trot and canter! Thanks for the updates! said...

didn't mean to be anon! it's us, the Hurley girls in Tx!