Saturday, June 21, 2008

My boy's a natural

We've recently had some rain which has allowed the grass to grow. The pasture in the kindercare field has grown a little faster than the kids can keep up with. So every once in a while, the cow herd is transfered to their field so the cows can have a treat. The boys are used to the cows but today, Sammy must have heard he is part Quarter Horse and is supposed to do something with the cows. Here, he has noticed them and wanders over.
He doesn't chase them but he does seem to have a purpose. He seems to have a plan. Perhaps he's watched some team penning or cutting on TV. Or read a good book. The herd has 3 black angus cows and the rest are, um, brown ones. Along with Sparky the red bull....who is very tolerant. You can tell he has raised several young ones and is forgiving of their antics.
Thank goodness because Sammy doesn't seem to have any fear of Sparky...who is rather large.

Sammy, do you think it's a good idea to get between a bull and his cows? Sparky is such a good sport and moves away from Sammy's herding.
Ah, so now Sammy has all the brown/red ones together. Notice Vantage tagging along. I think he was trying to talk Sammy out of this the whole way. He doesn't see any need to "work" cows, he's a Saddlebred for goodness sake. They are above such menial tasks.
Now Sammy turns his attention to the black girls. Notice Sparky appealing to me to put a stop to these shenanigans.
But Sammy feels the need to intimidate least I think this is Sarah.
But just in case you think I'm going to turn him into my cow pony, he does still have this nice hunter trot!

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