Thursday, June 19, 2008


Sammy has a good time out with his friends. Vantage is growing taller while Sammy seems to be growing out instead of up.
All 3 of the kids are growing up fast. Vantage is definitely going to be the taller one. He is all legs. Masquerade has slowed down her growth up now that she's a 2 year old. Why do they think that halters were made for them to play with. None of them survive very long. I wonder why.
Sammy and Masquerade are plotting something. Guess which one is Sammy.
Sammy has several places of no hair all over his body.....but mainly his neck. I wonder how that happened? I have no doubts that he is the instigator and it seems that they really make him pay for his picking.
But he's growing up fast and playing builds strong muscles and bones. His fetlock joint has absolutely no reminders of the surgery he underwent almost a year ago.
He seems to be growing in body more than in the leg department right now. But he has much more bone to his legs than Lily so I hope his legs will hold up his big ole body along with my big ole body one day.
Somehow this picture makes him look like a grown up.....and he's getting there.

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