Monday, June 23, 2008

A change of direction

It was cool and breezy and I was enjoying sitting in the ring waiting for Sammy to be cute. I might get pictures, I might not. But the cool weather was so wonderful I thought I'd at least try to look like I had a reason to just sit there and bask in the breeze. And then I saw him trot. This is not really a normal gait Sammy chooses so it was time to snap some pictures.
I love it when he trots. It gives me hope and makes me dream of the future.
I think this is the most trot steps I've ever managed to capture. But I know he'll stop soon because he's pretty easily distracted.
And trotting is not something he does endlessly. Already he seems distracted.
And look, the most perfect patch of grass I think has caught his eye.
Turning, and trotting and grazing all at once. Such a talent.
Or maybe he really just had an itch.
Do all horses like to eat Spanish moss? I know his mother does. And now he's tall enough to actually reach it.

He's looking rather pleased with himself. But somebody tell me, where did baby Sammy go?

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