Sunday, March 2, 2008

Sammy has a job

He doesn't know it or understand it fully but his job is to keep me entertained. And so far he is doing a fabulous job. His latest was an effort to get me to fully understand HIS priorities. Ok, I get it now. I was leading him back to turn him out and he tripped a little and went down on one knee. I just waited for him to get up but instead, he just bent the other leg, and knelt down so he could graze. The grass was much closer that way. He has his priorities.
He finds a way to entertain me when I'm actually in the other field watching Allison ride Noah. He loves to zoom around with the other kids.
And I caught him rolling. This is the opposite of the other day with his back end down instead of the front end.
He loves Noah. He thought he was a big boy walking beside step. Who cares that there is that old fence in the way? I didn't get a good picture of him as he was cantering with Noah the other way....but he followed him all along the fence line and was a little peeved when he had to turn the opposite way.....even gave us a little Sammy buck.

We loaded him in the horse trailer this week and took him for a little ride. He loaded right up with the promise of treats once he was in. We took him for a ride around the block and he unloaded like a champ. He's ready to horse show.

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