Saturday, January 26, 2008

My baby is growing up.

My baby is growing up. I never really have a chance to look at the rear view because he's usually in my face. I had a chance to look today and wow, his tail is past the points of his hocks. How did that happen? It's starting to look like a real tail instead of a baby whisk broom.

And look at this face. Where did the baby go? He is starting to remind me more and more of his daddy.....with a touch of Lily thrown in. We have actually been able to clip is whiskers 3 times now and he needs it again. He doesn't love it but he will put up with it. I think the ears will be a whole other story!

And look, he still had his nice balance canter even with his clothes on. He has a closed front blanket and is surprisingly good about us putting it on over his head. It's all part of growing up. Next up.....his good friend Jinx had leant me a very special and wonderful bit for his first try. We are very fortunate that Sammy has such good friends. His Aunt Natalie has a nice bridle that she is going to share with us for him to wear on those special occasions. He'll probably get introduced to a bit and bridle next week...........stay tuned.

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