Tuesday, March 16, 2010

We're coming down to the wire

It was another beautiful day here.  As I drove away from the barn, it occurred to me that I won't see Sammy again until Friday and it will be showtime.  But I think he's ready, I know Allison and I are.  I had somehow neglected to spend much time with Sammy in the outdoor ring because I wanted to get him acclimated to the covered arena. (Does everyone know we have one of those at Bridlewood?)  So a week or so ago I thought I'd better get him in the outdoor ring some....and he decided to show me he has skills....not the ones I was asking for but he can sure levitate if he is so inclined. We ended on a good note that day but I was having my doubts that he was really ready for our next adventure.  Due to the weather, today was the first day I got him back in the outdoor ring and he could not have been better.  He cantered a few strides but that was the extent of the fireworks today.  The grown up version was back and I feel so much better.  I know we will have good grown up days and silly brat days, but now I think I can deal with the silliness, knowing the grownup is lurking inside.

Sammy has made good friends in his new home.  Greg and Joey pay close attention and they take such good care of all the horses.  Joey is more comfortable around Sammy now that he knows he just wants his butt scratched when he turns his butt to you.  I warned everyone on move in day but Joey didn't get the memo.  Ooops.  But now, Sammy has him trained just like the rest of us.

Some of you will remember that Sarah introduced Sammy to toes when he was just a few months old. Remember? This was Memorial Day 2007.

And this has lead to some unexpected results.  Sammy still has a thing for feet.  He is always looking for the toes that are hiding.

What we didn't realize was that somehow, Noah would be using this to his advantage.  He was going through bell boots at an alarming rate.  They were ripped in very odd places and very much destroyed.  Then Greg caught them in the act.  Noah was sticking is foot under the lowest board on the fence and Sammy was ripping off his bell boots.  No picture of that but Greg said there was Sammy, looking at him with Noah's bell boot in his mouth.   Somehow, I think this is Sarah's fault. Don't you all think she needs to contribute to Noah's bell boot fund?

They look so sweet and innocent but that Noah, the mature one, is a bad influence I tell you.
Every once in a while I get a glimpse of Lily in Sammy.  He is so much like her in attitude and personality but sometimes, he gives me a look that is channeling Lily. Here she is.

So that's where we are today.  Sammy and I are as ready as we can get.

And he is eager to get started.

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