Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Sammy's Next Chapter

Sammy, Allison and I had the most perfect weekend we could have imagined. Well, maybe Sammy didn't but Allison and I did. We picked Anne Kenan up from the airport on Friday and headed to the barn.  Sammy's life has been changed.  He proved to us Sunday before she left that he was definitely none the worse for the wear but his life has been set on a new pathway. (And by the way, sometime over the last few months when I last measured him, he's grown a couple of inches. He's just shy of 16H.  How did THAT happen?)

Sammy's world was rocked when he found out that my boundaries were not quite the same as Anne's.  What's a mother to do. Now my line has been reset and all will be well.  But Sammy could not believe that Anne was really serious about this stuff and he showed her everything he had.  He can buck, he can rear and he can do the buck and kick thing very well.  Anne says his crown as King of the barn has been removed and he didn't appreciate that much. He never gave in completely but certainly gave himself enough of a workout that it was time that he was sat on.  Anne got on first, walked a few steps, got off  and got back on. (And look, I actually found the reins to his bridle)

And then it was Allison's turn. She was a little nervous but Sammy just said come on up.
What a thrill to see her sitting on him and how casual he was about the whole thing.

And then he was done for the day.

We left him to think about things and we all wondered what horse we would have on Saturday.

Saturday was one of those perfect Florida spring days. It got up to 77 and there wasn't a cloud in the sky. The barn was a hub of activity because everyone wanted to enjoy the beautiful day. Allison rode her boy Noah and Kendra's horse Venice that she adores and I even climbed on Kendra's Sebastian - no small feat since I think he's over 17H but I figured I'd better get back in the saddle and get in some sort of shape and Kendra very graciously persuaded me that Sebastian should be the tool.  And then it was Sammy's turn. Anne started out ground driving him a bit and Sammy was a different horse with her than he had been on Friday. He tested a little but gave it up quickly so we tacked him up. A quick check on the lunge to make sure he was listening and then it was time. Anne went riding.!

He was a good boy and was done for the day.  I think we all felt much better about our ability to be successful  after this.  I think Anne was thinking she needed to stay a while longer and I was wondering how I could kidnap her and not let her leave.  But Sammy showed us he wants to be a good boy and wants to be quiet and perhaps Allison and I together could do this.

Then we had to face Sunday and the fact that Anne would be leaving us that day. Allison and I took full advantage of having her to ourselves and tried to harvest any knowledge and experience she could give us.  We were selfish but knew we needed it. We did his groundwork first and we will continue to follow this pattern for now.  Then Anne climbed on.  Sammy was a tired camper probably more mentally than physically and his preferred gait was stand.  Anne says this actually made him harder to ride but Allison then took her turn.You'll see in the beginning, Sammy realized Anne had let go but I don't think Allison had.

This is the second part of the ride, I split it in 2 parts because it took so very long to upload.  It's more of the same and you won't miss anything by not watching but feel free.

And then we had to let Anne go back home.  I don't know who was more nervous about that, her or us!  But we are confident we have the tools to carry on...and we know where to find her if we need her!  Many, many thanks to you Anne, I could not have imagined this happening in a more perfect way and place.  Also many thanks to Greg, Laurel and Kendra for giving us such a wonderful home and sharing your 4 legged kids with us.  Tonight, Allison and I go it alone.  Anne is on standby.

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