Monday, February 11, 2008

Sammy has a hero worship thing for his big "brother" Noah. He likes to stand and watch him in the other pasture and tends to be at the fence with him when he can. Of course that doesn't stop him from clacking his baby talk (when do they stop that?) with him and getting in the occasional chomp just among family. Noah is a very sweet laid back soul and usually is pretty tolerant but he did finally chomp back on him and put him in his place....Horray for Noah!
And look, Sammy is hiding his head in shame.........not really but it's a pretty cute picture anyway.
We're working the standing still and posing like a model baby. My goal is to not be laughed out of the ring during his big Hunter Breeding debut.....with them whispering.....poor dear, doesn't she know they shouldn't be here!
But I look at this sweet face.........and all is right with the world.

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