Monday, February 25, 2008

Herd Dynamics

When Sammy was first introduced to the other kids after his stall confinement days, he was shy and low man in the pecking order and most often the odd man out. Those days are gone and they are really their own herd and good friends and playmates. They will share their water bucket and all is well. But somehow over the months, Sammy has climbed the ladder and now is a bit of a ..... shall we say......pain in the tush for the others. He has discovered his inner Quarter Horse and is learning to cut them like a QH would try to cut a cow.
Of course he's not really that speedy and has to use any advantage he can get. He will pin his ears and threaten then cut in front and slam on the brakes.
He seems to think this is a pretty cool trick. Too bad Vantage doesn't enjoy it quite so much.
And then there's Masquerade....she is used to being the boss mare (young though she is) and she still tries to excercise her authority, but Sammy is trying to perfect the Quarter Horse technique, even if she is a hand or so taller than he is. He doesn't care.....he can reach and get some air time.
Now how sad is this? He has a puny little buck so he thinks he can practice behind the tree and no one will notice. Goofy little man. He's getting a little big for his britches .

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