Tuesday, December 25, 2007


Sammy decided to give me a bit of a scare for Christmas. He was 3 legged lame from Thursday to Sunday with no sign of improvement. No swelling or heat in his leg but he reacted very strongly to the farrier which made us think bruised foot. So, hoping to avoid the dreaded abcess, we soaked, packed and wrapped his little foot. Then called the vet on Sunday and he met me at the barn on Monday - Christmas Eve. Well, Sammy was just kidding evidently. He trotted off sound as could be and of course looked at me like "what's up Mom, why in the world would you want me to trot?" How is it they can manage to make you look like a ridiculous, panicky Mom so easily???? So, after using the hoof testers and getting no reaction, it is more likely that he lightly strained his fetlock, which was still a little ouchy when flexed. So, all is well in Sammy's world. And he was sighted careening around the paddock on Christmas Day. Do you think it was just a prank to get extra treats before Christmas?

Thankfully, we have a good outcome and are looking forward to 2008.........his official yearling year.

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