Monday, October 31, 2011

We'd rather dress up for Christmas than Halloween

It's been a tradition to get our barn Christmas pictures done early.  Coordinating schedules is always tricky so we are proud to say, we've gotten 2/3 of our shots done.  Noah is still left to do but that's a whole other story. I haven't quite figured out how I'll dress up Kate this year but I knew  I wanted some pretty sleigh bells for the boys.  I actually planned ahead and found a place that sent me the most perfect ones.  This is so not like me but...old age and everything I guess.  Sleigh bells were purchased and I do believe Sammy likes the jingle jangle.  He likes that noise a whole lot better than the sound of workers pressure washing the roof of the barn...but that is also another story.

We scouted out the trails and pastures and found a tree that would work for our planned decorations.  Sarah just knew we needed popcorn and cranberry strands in hope that the deer could then enjoy them. We use carrots and apples for the ornaments and gave up on any kind of edible tinsel.

Then end result:

Sammy was just not in the mood. I think he would rather of dressed up for Halloween and gone trick or treating.  Or maybe he feels like the rest of us....every year, the Christmas stuff just gets pulled out earlier and earlier. Or maybe he is just at that age where playing dress up is embarrassing. He is pretty good about letting you know how he feels about something.

But he came around once he figured out that the decorations were edible this year.

So of course he had to try to eat everything.  Or maybe he was just trying to straighten the bow. 

Yep, I'm sure that was it.  He was just trying to straighten it.  I'll keep his final picture a surprise.

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A Writing Rider said...

Oh my the pictures! Dressing up horses for no reason is a favorite of mine.