Sunday, April 4, 2010


We are progressing slowly but surely.  Allison and I are doing this together so Sammy's ride times are limited to the times we can both be there. As a result, yesterday was her 6th ride on him in 2 weeks.  He seems to be getting stronger and straighter and they both are still getting used to each other.  Allison says he feels bigger, maybe all our walking is building muscle. Yesterday was our first  full day to be there together and it was a perfect day. We played with Remy first while the horses were being brought in and were eating. He has stolen the jolly ball as his own and will chase it and bring it back. 

He loves the pond and being in the water
And if he can chase something you've thrown in the water, even better


 He is a happy barn dog.  He turned 1 year old on Friday.  Hard to believe.  Happy Birthday Remy!

  Then it was Sammy's turn.  I ground drove him a little going from the covered arena out to the outdoor ring and Allison took a turn to see what he felt like. Then it was time to get on.  He still doesn't want to stand still mounting but we worked on that a little and hopefully he gets it now.  It was the day Allison was going to ride him from the covered arena to the outdoor ring if she felt comfortable doing it.  She knows by now how far she can push herself and still be productive and you never know until you feel the horse beneath you if the time is right.  She was nervous about it but felt it was time so out they went. I have spared you the video of the entire ride but here is the important part.  I'm still working on my video skills. It's very hard to watch and record at the same time and be steady about it.  Sorry.

But they did it.  And it was a good thing. And now we'll see what today brings.  Happy Easter to all.

And Happy Birthday to Sammy who will be 3 tomorrow. How did that happen?


Rebecca said...

He shares mother's birthday--only she is 80 today!

J. Turner said...

He is as a cool as cucumber!