Tuesday, November 10, 2009

It's been a while

I wish there was a lot of news to tell but things have been quiet and easy.  I've been working too much and Sammy has had a break in the action.  Natalie Some people have been asking for new pictures but it's a hard thing to do with no one around to help. (perhaps that person needs to come down and help) But I tried very hard today to get pictures of Sammy in motion.  His trot is lovely but his canter is to die for.  Maybe one day I'll really get fancy and figure out how to do video....but don't hold your breath.  So I chased him around, finally made him trot, stopped to take a shot and this is what I get:

Sorry you missed it. It was very nice and balanced...you'll just have to trust me.  I even had a longe whip after him, cracking and popping and making all kinds of noises.....it really bothered him.

When do they get past the phase where everything must go in the mouth?  Here's a nice shot for you.....I could have filled up a memory card with these shots alone.

And then why is it that the best conformation shot of the day...free standing out in the field, has his eyes closed?  This is hard work I tell you.

He does have the drop and roll drill down.  They must practice this during recess.

First you pretend to be napping......and look at his cute little white lips.

What? that didn't fool you?

And over he goes.  Never in the grassy field, always in the hot sand.  The majority of the time I'm with Sammy, my view is from his rear end.  I'm ground driving him or giving him butt scratches.  But it's a pretty nice view

Hopefully, it won't be very long until my view has changed perspective and will be between those cute little ears.  Next on our agenda, trying to add some weight to the saddle to see what that means to him.  Stay tuned....

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