Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year - But what was I thinking?

2009 is officially here and the boys are now "2 year olds" although Sammy won't really be 2 until April and Vantage will be 2 in May. It's very hard to believe they are approaching that big milestone.

I had a very nice email from the surgeon that removed the chip from Sammy's fetlock joint back when he was a 4 month old baby. He wanted to know how Sammy was doing and if I had a recent picture (silly man). And then I did the unthinkable.....I emailed him back that Sammy was doing fantastic and as a matter of fact I hadn't had to call the vet out for him for anything other than routine matters in exactly 1 year. WHAT WAS I THINKING? The next day Linda reluctantly told me that Sammy was gimpy and looked like he was working on an abcess. I'm so sorry Sammy, I didn't mean it. Linda felt sorry for me since it was my first day back at work following my ear surgery on Monday so she soaked him and wrapped him and said not to worry. I went out to see him after work and he was a little limpy (is that a word) but not bad so I was reassured that it was probably just a bruise or an abcess coming up. I was very greatfull he was already wrapped and all I had to do was love on him. But today it was my turn to do the doctoring.

It started out a beautiful day. A bit cooler than it had been but not bad. I love seeing them out in the field when I drive up.

Hey Mom - look, my bandage that Linda put on is still there........sort of.

Linda (who is sick as a dog with the flu/cold/creeping crud that's going around) helped me do the doctoring. I AM just recovering from surgery you know. :-)

See Sammy Soak? He was a good boy, but gets bored easily and likes to play in the water. It's fun to splash folks.

But just like any toddler, sometimes he thinks he's a big boy and can do it himself. He much prefers to take the towel to dry his foot off. (Excuse the bad, blurry pics - we don't DO indoors!)

He's a good boy and tries very hard.

And tada........his foot is all wrapped. So back out he goes and I grab Lily who needs some least that's what she told me.

As I hand graze Lily we can watch the pinto field in action. It's important to color code your pastures. There is a big size difference but the colors match after all. And Quinn can hold his own.

They are causing a ruckus and Sammy is out with just Misty and no momma....what's a boy to do? If you look closely, you can see his duck tape wrap is still there. And doesn't he look oh so lame?
And then this happens when I put Lily back..........sheesh, kids. Sammy - I am NOT buying Lily a new sheet this year......

And then they're poor cripple horses. Sammy with an "abcess" and Lily with her osteoarthritic stifles..........don't we feel sorry for them? Lily can still get some air time. They lapped the field a few times at a much greater speed than was good for my heart.

Horsing around along the way......and no wrap when he's done. But, whatever, I sincerely doubt he needs it at this point. Thank you for our first miracle of 2009.

But he is starting to look older............and I'm sure someday he'll act it!

Happy New Year everyone. May 2009 be a wonderful year full of fulfilled dreams and wonderful surprises. And we are making a pact.....we will not let December bring us down this year.

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